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Barb Mauntler provides consulting, training and coaching services to organizations and individuals desiring to make sustained change


  • I believe that by involving employees and engaging their hearts as well as their minds, organizations can outperform their competition
  • I believe that sustained performance only happens in an environment that nurtures openness, candor, respect and continuous learning
  • I believe that goals are reached by clearly stating them and revisiting them, and the strategies to achieve them, often
  • I believe that questions are more powerful than statements in changing behavior
  • I believe that communication is at the heart of almost every misperception, problem and conflict and is the critical element in creating culture change


To help create win-win workplaces where organizations outperform their competition and people reach their potential



  • With clients to identify needs and goals
  • In the workplace to capitalize on strengths and best practices
  • In the coaching relationship to create insight and momentum


  • Clients need to own the process and create the solutions
  • Employees closest to the work or the customer need the latitude to make decisions in the best interest of the organization

     Continuous Learning

  • People and organizations need to learn and grow to adapt to change
  • As a consultant and coach I am committed to staying abreast of new ideas and techniques and continuously improving my skills

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